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Stove Installation Terms and Conditions
By agreeing to the quotation and paying the 50% deposit you are accepting the following terms and conditions:

  1. Hiltons Chimneys enters into Contract with the customer solely on the terms of these conditions, and no representation or warranty shall bind Hiltons Chimneys and no statement, made by any representative of Hiltons Chimneys shall vary these conditions unless printed and signed by Hiltons Chimneys.
  2. Materials: All Materials supplied and/or fitted by Hiltons Chimneys will comply with HETAS recommendations and be of good quality and suitable for use under those recommendations. Minor blemishes and imperfections that do not impede performance are in the nature of stoves and chimneys, and are not covered by warranty. This does not affect your statutory rights. Despite Hiltons Chimneys best endeavours installations may not be aesthetically perfect due to the peculiarities in fireplaces, stoves, chimneys, hearths and buildings design and construction. The customer accepts that unavoidable compromises may be necessary during this installation (under the above), placing HETAS standards above minor aesthetic considerations. Until full payment has been made to Hiltons Chimneys, all materials shall remain the property of Hiltons Chimneys.
  3. HETAS Certificates of Compliance will only be issued once full payment has been received.
  4. Hiltons Chimneys undertakes to repair or replace, free of charge, any materials proven defective as a result of faulty manufactured materials or workmanship within 3 months from installation.
  5. Interference with or modification to the Installation if undertaken by other persons, including damage due to accident or misuse and faults or premature deterioration resulting from misuse or abuse or the use of inappropriate and damp fuels invalidates any warranty on stoves and chimneys so-damaged or to make significant charges.
  6. Customers’ failure to correctly maintain and use installations are excluded. Hiltons Chimneys may increase the charges for service calls of this nature, or may refuse to rectify related issues.
  7. Exclusions apply to service-replaceable stove and flue parts including door and glass seals, glass, grates, fuel retention bars, ash-cans, register plates, sweeping accesses and seals, internal stove linings, dampers, closing plates, flue outlets, baffles, tools, door seals, and door latches and to any part of the stove or chimney damaged by excess heat, chimney fires, abuse, misuse, water damage or adverse weather.
  8. Due to constantly changing regulations it is the sole responsibility of the customer to dispose of any waste material. i.e.. Soot, Stove packaging, Fireplace bricks and Mortar.
  9. Warranty facilities apply only to the original customer and are neither extendable nor transferrable to any other party.
  10. The charges for the fitting contract or the balance due plus any extras arising during installation, is to be paid in full when installation is complete and before the installer leaves the customer’s premises.
  11. The presence of any alleged defect does not constitute a reason for withholding any payment. Any costs of pursuit of the customer for outstanding payments will be charged.
  12. Hiltons Chimneys will seek to agree to and/or rectify any potential issues with the customer post-implementation, only provided that all payments due to date have been made.
  13. The terms and conditions shall not be construed so as to unfairly limit the statutory rights of customers whose acceptance of a quotation implies full acceptance of these terms and conditions.